Monday, May 12, 2014

Austin, TX

           Just a few days is hardly enough time to dig in deep. But what I did see, I really enjoyed. Austin has a vibrant nightlife and was rowdy even on Easter weekend. The city takes pride in its counter culture, with live music bursting from every corner, people performing elicit activities on the street corners, and tons and tons of food trucks and small bohemian eateries galore. It’s a nice town with some lovely people and hardy, serious food. Austin takes pride in its reputation. The Portland of Texas. The liberal Mecca in a vastly conservative gun-toting desert.
            The next day, it looks quite a bit different than the night before. What’s covered up as fun and excitement at night carries over to a sad problem of addiction and homelessness by the next morning. People scatter the streets and alleyways, wasting away at absolute rock bottom. You know it’s bad when they don’t even ask for change. Sitting and staring off into oblivion, life over before it even began. Keep Austin weird might be a nice catch phrase, but maybe the city has taken it a little too far. But how do you stop a problem so gripping and rampant? It certainly isn’t vast prohibition like has been tried relentlessly These people need help. Where do you turn when the whole world has abandoned you?