Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. AKA The Mall of America

   Here we go. Everything I hate about America wrapped up into 4.2 million square feet of hard core American consumerism. Over 520 stores full of nothing that anyone would ever need. Disgusting. Of course I had to go. A theme park inside the mall? Talk about over the top. The mall has its own hotel, and several others close by. Which makes me realize that people take vacations to Minneapolis just to go to the mall. Makes me cringe.

   And it was everything I ever dreamed of. A ton of bullshit stacked on top of other mounds of bullshit. A shrine to the money gods. A symbol of the worst of what America has come to. The very reason why the downfall of America is imminent. At one point, facing each other like heavyweights for the title, the microsoft store stares jealously across at the Apple store, mimicking their beautiful success and wondering why noone is walking through the door. Weird radio waves fly back and forth between the two stores and push unfortunate consumers brains back and forth.

   Atleast I was able to walk off the huge BBQ Bacon Bison Burger and fries I had at Hell's Kitchen earlier that day.