Monday, August 5, 2013

Beaufort SC, Savannah GA, Asheville and the Outer Banks, NC. July, 2013

   A lot of time in the car can be well worth it when these beautiful places are all within a days drive. We recently spent two different weekends exploring the eastern coast. I have always loved what the US has to offer on this front. I've never cared much for the gulf, but places like Charleston, can be strikingly pristine. Embarrassingly enough, I had never really been to Savannah. Just as I expected, I fell in love right away. A peaceful, relaxing aura floats through the air as the locals smile and wave. (Unless they happen to be driving.) And catching up with old friends is always refreshing. And seafood, seafood, seafood.

   I have always loved Asheville, and am lucky enough to have some incredible friends there. And a beautiful, private beach house in the Outer Banks is always a huge plus. I typically don't travel for relaxation, but sometimes sitting in a hammock for several hours is exactly what the ever conflicted soul needs.

   Sometimes the hospitality of people surprises me. It's easy to lose hope in humanity when you see what happens out in the world. And then someone will open their home up to you and faith is easily restored. And when those people happen to be absolute culinary masters, the body smiles as much as the heart.

   It's often easy to overlook the things within your area. But wherever you are, I bet there are some pretty postcard worthy things within a days drive. Save up a little gas money and get in your car on a day off. If you're willing to sit behind the wheel for a little while, there's something beautiful out there that's waiting on you to show up.