Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lubbock, TX; June 2013

   Unfortunately, when you travel for a living, you don't always get to go to amazing cities or do amazing things. It often inadvertently looks like a glorified lifestyle. If you were to watch Anthony Bourdain, you would think has an amazing life all day, every day. But you only see a small portion of what he does. He would be the first to tell you that a lot of time is spent in airports, bus stations, trains, cars, and mostly hotel rooms. A lot of time is spent waiting. And Waiting. But he would also probably tell you that he has the best job on earth.

   Sometimes a place surprises you. A few weeks ago, I had never heard of Lubbock, TX. Now i've been living here for three weeks. There isn't much to the city. 200,000 Texan's scrunched into a small area that exists for oil. The activities, museums, nightlight, etc, barely exist. But the food has surprised me. I've had fantastic pizza from "One Guy From Italy" been to a great micro-brew called Triple J "Chophouse and Brew Co," and had great Vietnamese, Mexican, and the best Korean food i've had since Seoul.

    It can often take quite a while to find the charm in a small, or unknown place. Sometimes, you never find it at all. But sometimes the fantastic food makes all the waiting worth it. Not a single person I know from home has ever experienced the painful late night bathroom trip after eating at "Seoul Korean Cuisine." And i'm perfectly okay with keeping that experience all to myself.

   The lesson here is, if you see a sketchy looking restaurant that looks like it's about to fall down, stop and eat. It's probably a lot better than where you were headed. You might get burned a few times, but  leave Applebee's behind. In fact, don't ever go there again. There is ALWAYS something better.