Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singapore 2

   I always enjoy going back to a city for the second time. Being even slightly familiar with a place can open you up to a lot more possibilities. You can put all of the first time frets aside and really get to know a place. You're familiar with the train, the scams, the taxis and the culture. It also help to have a good friend wherever you're traveling to.

   I went to see the Lion King at the Marina Bay Sands, the masterpiece of a new casino, luxury hotel, and mega shopping complex. I'm usually not into places like that, but this resort is certainly worth visiting. My friend gave me a tour of the theatre, took us to the world famous swimming pool on top of the casino, and then took a friend and me out for dinner. We went to THE BEST indian influenced food I have ever had in my life. As you sit, they lay huge banana leaves down on the table that act as a plate. You know you're in for a treat when the food comes but no silverware to accompany it. (Just don't eat with the wrong hand.) As the smell runs up your nose, a smile quickly and irresistibly jumps onto your face. Fragrant and amazing. If you're ever in Singapore, eat at the Banana Leaf.

   We went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. What a lovely place to escape from the bustling city life. Singapore has everything, and is a fantastic introduction to Asia. It's Western influence gives you the feeling of being home, yet turn down a different street, and you're right in the middle of Asian life. Where places like Kathmandu and Shanghai can be an all out assault on the senses, Singapore is like Asia light.  I love it.