Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Deftones in Bangkok! or My First Riot!

   The Deftones are playing in Bangkok! Am I going?? Of course I’m going. There is no way I would miss that concert in such a famously rowdy city. Justin and I bought tickets and flew to Thailand. A taxi dropped us at Khao San Road where we began to search for a hotel. After looking at a few places, we stumbled upon a guesthouse with a rooftop view of the busy backpacker street. Grand total for 2 nights, $14.
   We hailed a taxi and headed to the concert, which ended up being WAY farther away than expected. We checked out the outdoor merch booth, grabbed some cheap beers, and got in line for the show. Door time came and went as we continued to stand in line. 30 minutes passed, an hour passed. People started to get uneasy.

   Out of nowhere, a guy got up on top of a merch table and started yelling in Thai. He was obviously way beyond angry. At that point, people started to gather around the table and yell and push each other. A young local guy came up to us and said: “They just announced that the show was cancelled, you two probably don’t want to stand there.” A beer bottle came flying past my head and smashed into the window of the venue. He was right. We moved out of the way and watched from the back of the cinder block wall. Then shit went crazy. The Deftones concert quickly turned into a mob riot. People were smashing glass, throwing rocks through the windows, and flipping merch tables. One guy lit the beer tent on fire and kicked it over as the poor vendor girl ran away. By this point, all of the concert promoters were running for their lives. I saw one guy on the ground holding his head, blood seeping out from between his fingers. I turned around and there happened to be two of my coworkers standing behind me. It’s funny to run into someone you know at a riot in Bangkok. The crowd went on smashing lights, tables, and windows and I regretted not having my good camera. It took a long while for the cops to start to show up. We decided that that was our queue to leave. There had to be more trouble to get into, right??

   I’ll leave out the next 12 hours. But I can tell you that it involved amazing street food. What’s important is that we made it back to Macau safely.