Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

   Kuala Lumpur was a very pleasant surprise. What a great place to retreat for a couple of days. I found a very cheap hostel and spent three days wandering around aimlessly. I got a massage for 45 minutes for about five dollars and marveled at the Petronas Towers like the other masses of tourists. KL is a night time city with sprawling markets and food stalls bustling during the wee hours of the morning. Perfect for a guy like me. I bought about 20 dollars worth of food and found a homeless guy to have dinner with. (He was more than happen to be woken up by Curry Monster).

   I took a train to the Batu Caves, an impressive cave structure which acts as a temple. The Hindu deity Murugan welcomes you before you ascend the 272 steps required to enter the cave. It was a very impressive afternoon.

   And the night food market was amazing. Hundreds of stalls, all cooking a specific dish or two. Small menu's perfected by a lifetime of dedication and passion.

   I even got hit on and asked out by a bartender. Great city. Until you get stuck in the airport for 13 hours...