Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singapore- Chinese New Year 2010

    Singapore was a place that I knew very little about. I certainly wasn't expecting a highly developed metropolis like I got. And a pleasant surprise it was. The food, as usual, sticks out the most. One can wander around any section of the city and expect to find fantastic food on the cheap around any corner. Incredible Laksa will cure any ailment. The people of Singapore take incredible pride in their food. It is, without a doubt, a world class food city.

   My roommate happened to book a flight to Singapore for the same weekend. We did a terrible job of coordinating and it ended up taking forever for us to meet up. It also happened to be his birthday AND Chinese new year. I was staying in Chinatown, so we met up to check out the festival. It ended up being a neighborhood-wide celebration with live music, street vendors, beer, and amazingly crowded streets.

  Ben happened to know some people in Singapore, so we met for drinks for Ben's birthday. I can't remember how Ben knew them, but I do remember how beautifully stunning the two girls were. We drank scotch and had a great birthday celebration. It's always amazing to wear shorts in February.

  Singapore is like Asia light. It would be a great way to break into Asia for someone as a first timer. But that's not to take anything away from it. It has a rich, vibrant culture that is bold and unique. I ended up with some wonderful friends from Singapore. They will forever be good friends. The people are lovely, the food is perfect, and the city is picturesque, clean, and proud.   Go to Singapore.