Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hong Kong

   Hong Kong is the place I wish I lived when I was in Macau. According to my passport, i've visited Hong Kong 30 times. And honestly, I regret not going more. It reminded me a lot of New York at times. I saw Eric Clapton (amazing) and a terrible production of "Chicago." I enjoyed some absolutely incredible food from every imaginable corner of the world. I turned down more watches and custom tailored suits than I could ever imagine. I took the cable car to the giant Buddha. We went with local friends to Hot Pot and pushed our gastronomic boundaries.

   We spent Halloween in the city in 2009. I have never see anything like that before. Imagine 30 asian frat parties on one street. McDonalds is always open. Then we stayed at the Chung King Mansion. Look it up, and if you ever make it to Hong Kong, do yourself a serious cultural shock favor and stay there.

   I'll go back any time. Unfortunately I find it harder to write about a place the more time I spent there. It was like a second home. Just take my word for it and go.