Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Macau 2009-2011

   What can I say about Macau?  Spending a few days in a place, getting a feel for it, and then moving on is a lot different than moving somewhere for two years. Macau was my home, and for better or for worse, it's a special part of my life. "And now for something completely different." And it was.

   It was, by all definition, everything I hate in a city. Overcrowded, polluted, no nature, tons of superficial lifestyles, and not much charm. It takes a long time to find the charm in a place like Macau. I'm not exactly sure that I ever did. When people ask what my favorite part about it was, I say Hong Kong. Or that it's only two hours from the Philippines.

   But along with the bad times, there were some fantastic times as well. I met some very special people that will forever be very good friends. We had laughs and we learned to bond as if our lives depended on it. Without these few friends, none of us would have lasted as long as we did.

   I could go on for hundreds of pages about Macau. But I think i'll keep that stuff for myself. I'll just say this. It changed everything about my life. For the better. It opened me, changed my goals, and showed me my direction in life. Out of a smoggy, grimy city, not recognized for a long time, I found my purpose.