Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tokyo! December 2008

   What 23 year old American is lucky enough to get paid to go to Tokyo for a week? And then go back a week later for another week?  This guy.

   I planned and booked a vacation to Tokyo and then the next day at work, I was called to the Technical Directors office. I had to leave Korea for a week to renew my work visa. I was getting an all expense paid vacation to Tokyo. Disappointed by my double booking? Far from it.

   As you can imagine, the two trips aren't very distinguished in my mind. I knew I would love Tokyo, and I was right. I took as much advantage of the city as I could. One night I went out and met some ex-pat bartenders. It was one of their birthdays. He invited me out after he got off, and obviously it turned into a shit show. You should never go out drinking with bartenders. We had one of the best meals of my life. I wish I could remember what it was called, or where we were. It was an incredible soup/ noodle dish. I'd give a lot of money to eat that meal again.

   When I departed from the bartenders, they gave me simple directions on how to get back to my hotel. Three hours later, I was still wandering around the city aimlessly, lost as i've ever been. I had no money so I ended up jumping a turn-style and taking a few subway trains until I found my way home. I walked in around 6:00AM. Couldn't have been happier, or more tired.

   On the second trip, I went with a friend from work named Grant. We were there over New Years. We went to see Zed, the Tokyo Cirque Du Soleil show. We took a tour of the theatre and got an invite to the new years party. We barely found it, tucked away in a tiny corner of the city. I got a glass of champagne about 30 seconds before new years. I'm shocked to say that not much was going on in Tokyo for New Years. Maybe we were in the wrong place.

   The next morning, we went to the Tsukiji fish market. I think the only day of the year it happens to be closed. We were able to get in anyway, and walked around what is normally the busiest fish market in the world all by ourselves. A very very cool experience.

   Tokyo grabbed my heart right away, and i've loved it ever since. What a wonderful city. I can't wait to go back. My favorite city.

   And on to Taiwan.

   Oh yeah.  Best Sushi ever.