Wednesday, July 26, 2006


   I have visited Boston many times. It’s one of those comfortable towns that I’ve always enjoyed escaping to.  Having family there has always made it an easy place to visit and enjoy. A fantastic theatre scene and even better seafood always welcome me. My aunt is well connected in the city, so some “behind the scenes” Boston stuff has been pretty easy to come by as well.
   I had always wanted to visit the campus of an Ivy League University. I took the train over to Cambridge and walked around the Harvard campus for a few hours. And though it wasn’t quite as beautiful as I had expected, a great sense of discovery and intellect was in the air. I’ve always loved being on a college campus. Something about it has always excited and interested me. The diversity, culture, and ideas all make me feel at home.
   Boston is a place that I could easily call home. It’s close to NYC and other cities that I love. New England is an enchanting part of the country, filled with the building blocks of the nation. A rich, interesting history. The architecture, food, and people are right up my alley. There is a strong Irish population, which makes for a lot of good pubs and some awesome music. Do yourself a favor if you’ve never been.