Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The beginning

    If I want to start making a living by traveling, I guess it's time to stop being lazy and start doing something about it. My goal is to increase Americans interest in travel, both in their own country and internationally. By sharing my photographs and stories from around the world, I hope to help people realize what a beautiful, amazing world they live in. I want people who are curious about the unknown to take that big step and get on a plane. It's not as scary as it seems. It's completely feasible to take nothing but a small backpack and get lost in the world. You aren't gonna die. (Probably) You might get lost, but you'll find your way back. An amazing, scary, exciting, and life changing adventure awaits you. Don't go later. Don't wait till you retire. Don't work for the future. Live now, go now, and decide later if you want to look back or not. Lonely Planet's entire business model revolves around the quote: "All you've got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!

    I've visited 20 countries and 31 states. And while it's not much on the grand scale, it's a good start and it's something I'm proud of. I have 196 countries and 19 states left to go and I have every intention of visiting each and every one of them. A hugely overwhelming and daunting task lies ahead of me, but I have incredibly supportive people in my life that can put up with it.

    Unfortunately, I haven't written down a single thing about any of my trips. So i'll start this blog by going back and writing what I remember about the places that i've been so far. And from here on, i'll keep up. By May 2014, I hope to have 35 countries covered. Please follow and join in my adventure.  My goal for the upcoming months includes; Wisconsin, Mississippi, Arkansas, Morocco, Tunisia, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, the rest remaining a mystery for now.